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Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I have to be completely honest with you here: I wasn’t a big fan of Belize!! I thought Belize was very overrated, overpriced and there weren’t many things to do unless you are willing to spend a whole lot of money. 

Before I went to Belize, or any places in general, I did a lot of research. After thinking it all through, I decided to only visit San Pedro and Caye Caulker island as there weren’t many things that got me really excited about the main land. 

To get here, you would have to take a taxi for 25$ to the water taxi port, where you buy tickets to get to the boat and go to the islands. The water taxi price is around 35$ for a round-trip ticket. You really don't need to carry any other currencies other than US dollars as they use it everywhere!

Caye Caulker and San Pedro are very similar to each other, except San Pedro is a lot bigger and has more night life to it. The thing I love about these 2 places is that there are barely no cars around. People usually walk, bike or use golf carts to move around the islands. You can pretty much walk to anywhere on the island! 

There were not many things you can do in San Pedro for free. I wanted to see the Great Blue Hole and do skydiving there but the cost was around 5000$ USD for skydiving, just to visit was around 500$ USD. I thought it wasn’t worth it if I would not be able to see the entire Great Blue Hole. Other excursions ranged from 100$-350$ USD, depend on what you want to do. As I was such a budget traveller, I only looked into “free” activities and attractions, which were quite difficult to find. 

I ended up renting a bike for a day, which cost me only 10$ and I biked around the island for 8 hours straight :D My legs almost fell apart after haha. I did want to try the golf cart but gave up on the “off the roof top price” (256$/2 days or so). Anyhow, most of what I saw were the boat ports that you can’t jump down to the water as there were so much seaweed in it. It did feel very peaceful and I still enjoyed the bike ride there a lot! 

Food was expensive! A regular meal would cost you as least 30$ plus tip! You will see a lot of guacamole and fried fishes everywhere, which is expected! I tend to go to the place where local people eat, which is at the main port where you will first land in San Pedro. Here you will find food for as cheap as 2$/taco or 4$ for a huge burger.

Regardless of everything I said earlier, there were things that I loved about Belize: 

  • Caramba Restaurant: this was my most favourite place!! The restaurant was right on the water and you can see many shades of the water. This is also where you can find very clear water!! The best thing: all prices here are very reasonable, free wifi and they usually have live music too!! 

  • Secret Beach: The only place with no seaweed where you can go to the beach and actually swim. 

  • Tree tunnels that lead to the ports. These are hard to find, you really have to go around until you see it!!

  • Paradise ice-cream: They claimed to have the best ice-cream on the island, and I totally agree!! Their homemade ice-cream was truly amazing. 

Would I go back to Belize? Maybe not in awhile… 

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