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Angsana Velavaru Maldives - Hotel Review

Surrounded by the Velavaru reef, Angsana Velavaru offers the most beautiful water in the Maldives. It is also one of the rare resorts that offers all inclusive option, where you can dine all day long (including mini bar) as a part of your stay.


Angsana Velavaru is around 45 minutes seaplane and quick boat ride from Male. We contacted the resort the night before departure to find out our seaplane schedule as we arrived a day early to the Maldives. However, the resort usually asks for your arrival flight information and arrange the seaplane for you ahead of time.

After obtaining the seaplane boarding pass, we took a public Transmaldivian bus to the lounge where Angsana Velavaru staff greeted us and brought us to the lounge. The resort has their own lounge at Male airport, offering private comfort as you wait for the seaplane.


Angsana Velavaru consists of 2 separate parts: the main island and the overwater villas. The main island offers the majority of the facilities, such as restaurants, spa, reception, and other activities whereas the overwater villas area only offers the villas itself and one restaurant. You can however hop around the 2 islands using the boat transfers, which are available throughout the day.


The beach villas and overwater villas at Angsana Velavaru are really unique as they are on 2 separate islands. The beach villas are on the main island whereas the overwater villas stretch over the lagoon, isolated from the main island.

The beach villas offer a lot more advantage in term of location, since you can simply walk around and explore most of what the resort has to offer, such as spa, restaurants, bar, water sports, and many more. The beach villas offer a lot of privacy, however the main beach is public so you will occasionally see other guests walk around the beach, passing through your villa. The beach villas at Angsana Velavaru offer an outdoor shower and bathtub, and the bedroom is designed in a dome shape, with the bedroom at the front half and the sink at the other half. The bathroom is outdoor, giving it a very tropical feel.

The overwater villas, though not as accessible to other parts of the resort, offers the most beautiful view of the lagoon, and you can completely enjoy the dream villas of the Maldives that everyone always talk about. You mostly won’t need to use the resort’s main pool since you will have a large private pool to yourself. The overwater villas offer a lot of amenities such as an observation deck, bathtub looking out of the ocean, and upper floor which offers an entire view of the villa and a big lounge area.

Note: Make sure you bring your own international adapter as the resort uses completely different plugs compared to the American plug ins. There was only one adapter in the room included, and we had troubles charging our laptops, camera equipments and phone as we had to alternate to make a use of one adapter.


Angsana Velavaru is one of the rare resorts in the Maldives that offer all-inclusive dining, which includes food and drinks (alcohol included) from their 2 main restaurants, Kaani and Kuredhi Bar. The in room mini bar is also included with the all inclusive dining package and you can get it refilled at room service.

There are 4 restaurants available at the resort:

Kaani Restaurant

Kaani restaurant is a buffet style restaurant and opens for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurants offers international cuisine and they change up the menu everyday to keep your taste bud entertained. We loved having breakfast here as they have a good selection of food to choose from.

Kuredhi Bar

Kuredhi Bar is an a la carte restaurant and each guest can order an appetizer, main course and dessert beside the drinks. We really enjoyed having lunch at the Kuredhi Bar as the food quality is excellent and also delicious! Our favourite is the tuna salad for appetizer, Australian tenderloin for main course, and banana scotch for dessert.

Funa Restaurant

Funa restaurant is definitely our favourite restaurant on the island! It offers Asian cuisine and we love the location of the restaurant as it is located right on top of the water. We loved the food as well as the whole dining experience here. The restaurant is not a part of the all inclusive package, therefore it isn't as busy as other restaurants. You will most likely need to make a reservation in advance as they are currently only open on a few selected days, based on the amount of reservations.

Azzurro Restaurant

This restaurant is located on the lagoon side and we missed the chance to dine here. This is the only restaurant available at the overwater villas, and offer fine dining. Azzurro is also not a part of the all inclusive package.


Birds and stingrays feeding

The resort has stingrays feeding at 4:00pm and birds feeding at 4:30pm daily. We tried both of the activities and saw so many stingrays come to play by the shore. Angsana also has a lot of birds on site and many of them landed to eat on our hands which was super cute to see.

Water sports

There are many different water sports available at Angsana, and we personally really enjoyed jet skiing around the lagoon as the water around the resort is so crazily beautiful. It's definitely one of the bluest water we have ever seen in the Maldives.

Private sunset cruise

This was absolutely our most favourite memory of our stay at Angsana. We took a private sunset cruise and saw hundreds of dolphins swimming around our boat. It was so beautiful to see and totally an experience of a life time.

We also ended the day with a couple of glasses of champagne on the yacht, accompanied by some light snacks. The private sunset cruise at Angsana is something we highly recommended if you ever have a chance to visit the resort!


If you are looking for an all inclusive resort in the Maldives, Angsana Velavaru is definitely the one to go to! The resort is surrounded by beautiful palm trees and greenery, making it very enjoyable to walk around the island. We loved our daily beach walk and created so many beautiful memories here. If you have any questions regarding Angsana Velavaru, please feel free to drop me a comment down below.

Lots of love,

Annie Pham



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