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Four Seasons The Nam Hai - Hoi An

Updated: May 30, 2022

Nested in the greenery of Hoi An, Four Seasons the Nam Hai stretches one kilometer along the pristine Ha My beach. The resort offers the best location for anyone who is looking for a quiet place to unwind after a long day of exploring the charming town of Hoi An.


We stayed at the One Bedroom Pool Villa and our villa offers so much space, including a separate living room which is on another building, a large private pool, outdoor showers, 2 large closets and a huge bedroom. We didn't feel the need to leave our villa at all as we had everything that we needed to enjoy our vacation, from a beautiful palm tree garden to the direct beach view.

All of the rooms are the same in design regardless of the size of the villa that you choose (ex. one bed room vs. three or five bed rooms pool villa). Four Seasons designed the resort this way to give the message that all guests are equal and are treated the same at the resort.


The resort has 2 main restaurants and 2 bars. Cafe Nam Hai offers breakfast, while La Sen offers lunch and dinner. There is a bar located on the upper level of Cafe Nam Hai, and another one located at the beach. During our stay, both of the Cafe Nam Hai and the 2 bars were closed due to renovation, so we mainly dined in at La Sen and loved every meal. La Sen offers a mixture of cuisines, from Western, vegetarian food to traditional Vietnamese food. The Beach Bar was going through a face lift during our stay, but it is due to reopen at the beginning of June with a new Tiki bar concept.

Four Seasons the Nam Hai is one of the rare resorts that grow their own vegetables, straight from farm to table. Everything tasted super fresh and were beautifully presented. We never had the moment where we feel like we needed to go out to eat as the menu offers most of the food that we can think of.


We both agreed that Four Seasons the Nam Hai has the best spa out of all of the resorts that we have been to. The spa is located in the middle of the lotus pond, surrounded by the greenery and the sound of nature. We loved walking around and listening to the sound of crickets and birds chirping.

The massage therapists at Four Seasons were very well trained and observant. They always knew exactly what we need, and they never rushed us before or after our treatment. We felt very well taken care of, and didn't feel the pressure to rush into changing, or leave the spa room after our massage. They even encouraged us to take all the time that we need to really ease away our stress and tension and we really loved the whole experience.

The massage was definitely the best one that we have ever had! It was really healing, and the singing bowl ritual at the beginning and at the end of the treatment was such a nice touch. We felt so renewed, healed and relaxed after the treatment.


Since Four Seasons The Nam Hai is located directly in front of the beautiful Ha My beach, and the beach is completely private for guests use. The resort has a beach bar which is due to open at the beginning of June, and they also have other beach amenities provided such as hammock and swings. The beach was probably the most beautiful beach of Hoi An region in my opinion; the sand was so soft and the sea was so calming blue.


Biking around the resort

Biking around Four Seasons was definitely our favourite thing to do. The resort has very spacious bicycle paths and it felt so nice biking around as the roads were so well maintained and covered by shades of trees. We really loved hearing the nature sound around the resort and we found it so calming.

Cooking Class

During our stay we had the chance to experience Four Seasons the Nam Hai famous cooking class. I love that the resort has their own garden, and we got the chance to visit the garden as well. We harvest our own fruits and vegetables for our cooking class and I thought this was really unique.

The cooking academy facility was very spacious, with an open concept, allowing the breeze to flow through the windows and gives you a sense of connecting with nature. We spent 3 hours cooking then also got to enjoy our own food afterwards. At the end of the cooking class, we were given a certificate of completion to each of us, and a couple of tote bags as well as aprons. I thought these were such nice souvenirs to bring home, and to remind us of the good memories we have at Four Seasons.

A Good Night Kiss to the Earth

Four Seasons Hoi An embraces the connection between human and the Earth, and they host a daily event 'A Good Night Kiss to the Earth' at the spa, where you will write your wishes on a piece of paper then float it away on a candled lantern. While writing your wishes, the spa staff will sing a very beautiful song accompanied by the crystal singing bowls playing. I thought the experience was so beautiful and healing, and this is definitely a highlight of our stay at Four Seasons the Nam Hai.

Shuttles to Hoi An Ancient Town

The resort offers complimentary daily return shuttles to Hoi An Ancient Town and I found this was a huge bonus, as we loved visiting the town. We also loved the comfort of the cars that Four Seasons offers, and the drivers were always very nice, respectful and professional.

Private dining

One of the most unique experiences that we did at Four Seasons the Nam Hai was the private BBQ dinner, where the staff came to set up a table and lanterns right outside our villa. The chef also came to cook for us, grilling fresh vegetables, meat and seafood. The whole experience was very magical and we loved seeing the lanterns lighted up at night.


We loved our stay at Four Seasons the Nam Hai. The resort was such a relaxing and healing place, where we truly felt connected to nature and unwind after our busy travels. We will most definitely return if we ever have a chance to visit the beautiful town of Hoi An.


Annie Pham



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