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Oak Bay Beach Hotel - A Hidden Gem Resort in Canada

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

We spent the past weekend at Oak Bay Beach Hotel and it was such a nice getaway right before winter arrives in Canada. The hotel is secluded in a quiet neighbourhood in Victoria, and located right by the beach.

Arrival and Check in Process

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

We got greeted by Oak Bay hotel staff at the entrance, and they took care of our luggages right away. The hotel has a few parking spots right of the entrance to help guests check in conveniently. You can simply park your car during the check in process, then move your car after receiving the room key, which is also the key to the parking gate entrance.

The hotel offer self or valet parking, and the staff were so welcoming and professional. We had troubles with our car key and the staff helped us the entire time and made sure we had everything figured out. The parking valet staff even double checked the key with us before we left the hotel to make sure we won't get into trouble again.

Safety during Covid

The hotel takes Covid caution very seriously and requested guests to wear a mask at all times. You will need your vaccination record at check in, before dining in at restaurants, and before entering the hot pools. We felt safe the entire time and the whole property was very well cleaned.

What is included with your stay?

Your stay with Oak Bay Beach Hotel will include a parking spot as well as free access to the hot pools. Our hotel room was fully equipped with a safe lock, ironing board, a small fridge, microwave, double sink, bath tub, shower room, a full size closet, robes, and slippers. Oak Bay Hotel also offers complimentary coffee and tea in room to all of their guests.

Restaurants at Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Oak Bay Beach Hotel has 2 restaurants on site, one is the Snug Pub and the other one is FARO pizza. Snug Pub offers breakfast, lunch and dinner while FARO pizza offers cafe service in the morning, as well as lunch and dinner. We tried both of the restaurants and absolutely loved the food there!

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

The Snug Pub has a beach front view and offers in-door and outdoor dining. You can look directly at the ocean view while dining in. We haven't tried dining in at the Snug Pub, but we ordered in-room dine in breakfast and the food was incredible. The portion of each plate was generous, and each plate was crafted beautifully with fresh ingredients. The food was very tasty and we were quite impressed by the presentation! We didn't have too high of an expectation when it comes to hotel food, but we were blown away by the quality of the food here. We have been to many 5 star restaurants and can confidently say that the breakfast from the Snug Pub is truly a luxury dining experience!

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

We ordered the avocado toast, 'the beacher', fruit plates, orange juice and pineapple juice for breakfast. My favourite was 'the beacher'.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

We also had dinner at FARO pizza and absolutely loved the food there. Our favourite appetizers were Tuna Crudo and Carpaccio; those two are a must try! For pizza, my personal favourite was 'Quatro Formaggi' which had fresh pear, walnut and pepper.

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

The Spa

The Boathouse Spa at Oak Bay Beach Hotel is open to guests from 8am-10pm and all the pools are heated. You can even adjust the temperature of the water yourself using the temperature control beside each of the pool. Once you checked in and show your vaccination records to the spa staff, they will provide you with a towel as well as a refreshment. The pool is protected by glass walls, which help to block the cold wind during colder seasons.

Overall Impression

Oak Bay Beach Hotel is definitely a gem resort in Canada, with stunning views, luxury amenities and unforgettable dining experiences. I highly recommend it for your next getaway.

Hotel Website:

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Happy travelling and stay safe,


Photos by Annie Pham

Model: Nicole Hui

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