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One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos Hotel Review

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

I have been to many luxurious hotels around the world and One&Only Palmilla definitely stood out. This resort is a whole new level of luxury and they definitely thought of every single little thing to make your stay comfortable and memorable. 

One&Only Palmilla

Airport Transfers

We were so impressed with their airport transfer service. The staff waited for us at the airport and picked us in a private and luxurious car. We had a short 15 minutes from the airport but the car has equipped with different amenities, such as drinks, wet towels, and TV for entertainment. 

One&Only Palmilla

The Room 

We stayed at an ocean front suite and the room was very spacious. It has a living room area with a comfy sofa, a sofa table, TV and a working table. The bathroom was enormous, which has a separate shower, bathtub, double sink, a walk-in closet and a separate toilet room. Our room has a king bed and it was one of the most comfortable beds that we slept in. There is a large balcony outside of the room which is equipped with an outdoor bed, as well as a table and 2 chairs. Our room is right next to the ocean and it was so nice listening to the waves while staying there. 

One&Only Palmilla

The Property 

Situated on the edge of Baja Peninsula, the property of One&Only Palmilla stretched along the coast, which gives you one of the most beautiful view in Los Cabos. 

Each of their villa is secluded in a separate area, surrounded by palm trees and other plants. We were there for 4 days but didn’t even get to see the whole property since the area is quite big. 

The resort has a lot of amenities such as: the spa, gym, goft course and the pools. There are 2 main pools area, one is by the Aqua restaurant and the other one is by the front desk. I personally love the pool by the Aqua restaurant more as there are more shades and there is a large hot tub by the ocean as well. 

One&Only Palmilla

The Service 

The service definitely sets One&Only Palmilla apart from others! The staff there always stop whatever they are doing and bow their head with one hand on their chest everytime they see a guest passing by. Also all the staff there is very genuine and always show how much they care about you. They even learned my name and greeted me by name whenever they see me around. There is a butler assigned to each room in case you need anything. I also love how the room is made whenever we come back to the room. 

One&Only Palmilla

Restaurants at One&Only Palmilla

There are 5 different restaurants at One&Only Palmilla: Suviche, Breeze, Aqua, Pelican Beach Grill and Seared Steak House. All of them are amazing but I personally loved Aqua because of the views, and I also love the food there. The price for the food is on the expensive side, but the food quality and the view explain it. 

One&Only Palmilla

The Beach 

The beach at One&Only Palmilla is private, therefore you won’t see a lot of people at the beach, which is very nice. If you’re familiar with Los Cabos beaches, the waves there could get really strong, however the beach at One&Only Palmilla is very calm and swimmable. I also love the natural rock formations there. They have a lot of huts and water activities for guests as well so you’ll be busy exploring and having fun! 

One&Only Palmilla

Overall Ratings 

This property definitely deserves its 5 stars ratings. Everything was flawless and we miss the whole experience there. We will definitely come back to One&Only Palmilla next time if there’s a chance! 

With love,

Annie Pham



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