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Rayavadee - A Gem of Thailand

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Rayavadee is located in the heart of Phranang Peninsula, right next to Krabi Marine National Part. There are only 2 resorts on the peninsula and Rayavadee is one of them. The area offers a variety of experiences, from the best beaches in Thailand (in my opinion), to local shops, markets, restaurants, spas, excursions, living natures and many more.

Rayavadee view - anniepwanderlust

How to get to the resort

From Krabi international Airport, you will need to go to Rayavadee private pier. The resort has their own boat but you can also hire your own boat from locals. From their private pier, it takes around 20 minutes to get to the resort. You can either book your stay and add the boat transportation on top, or just hire a boat once you get to Krabi. I would highly recommend booking the boat directly through Rayavadee by contacting them directly to avoid long travelling and waiting, as the staff at Rayavadee take an excellent care of you and your luggages. This will give you a peace of mind that you will arrive at the property smoothly.

Rayavadee boat transfer
Rayavadee transfer boat to the resort

What sets Rayavadee apart from other resorts

Rayavadee has the best location in the entire Thailand in my opinion. It offers almost everything that is iconic for Thailand within 30 minutes walk. On one side of Rayavadee is Railay Beach, and the other side is Phranang Cave Beach, looking right at Ko Rang Nok. These two are one of the most popular beaches in Thailand. The area has so much to offer, as it is also right next to Marine National Park, local shops and night markets.

The Accommodation

Rayavadee Terrace Pavilion
Terrace Pavilion

I stayed at the Terrace Pavilion and it has 2 levels: the main level consists of an outdoor terrace and a large living with a half bath, and the second level features a large bedroom with a working desk and a full bathroom. I love how the majority of my villa was made with bamboo and natural wood, giving you a full tropical and nature living experience. My villa offers so much privacy as the room is surrounded with trees, and the villas here are quite spaced out.

Transportation around the resort

Since the resort land is so big, we usually go around by buggy, but you can also walk and enjoy nature here. On average, it takes around 10 - 15 minutes from one point to another depending where you go. You can easily spot monkeys climbing around the trees and birds singing as you walk around Rayavadee. A morning walk around the property is definitely my favourite thing to do here!

Main Pool at Rayavadee
Main Pool at Rayavadee

Activities and Excursions at the resort

At Rayavadee, there are so much to see and so many things to do. I see a lot of people do rock climbing around the resort, as well as walking a long beautiful beaches. You can also get active at the gym, or visit the spa for a treat, which is located in the middle of the resort, nested right in the heart of the jungle.

Rayavadee offers numerous excursions for both land and water activities. They have private and luxury speedboat excursions to deserted beach, Phi Phi Island, or Phang Nga Bay, or they can take you kayaking through mangrove forest, wind surfing, or teach you how to scuba dive right from your own private boat. Rayavadee also offer land excursions to waterfalls and Thai cooking lessons. The resort has plenty of activities and excursions (even for kids) to really keep you busy and entertained!

Maya Bay
Maya Bay

How long should you stay here?

I would recommend a full week at Rayavadee to fully enjoy and experience everything that the resort has to offer. I really enjoyed walking around the beaches and the local area right by the resort. We spent every night going for massages in the walking street and experience different local food as well as wandering around the shops. The local people here were so welcoming and kind, and prices are very inexpensive everywhere we go as well. I bought so many things at the local shops, including the dress which you see in the picture below for less than $20.

Boat view Rayavadee
View of Rayavadee from the boat

Sustainability and nature living

I love how the resort was built around the trees, and none of them were cut during to not only protect nature, but also to truly bring jungle experience to guests who stay at Rayavadee. The animals, birds and monkeys are not disturbed during this whole building process and they are living together with guests and you can see them when walking around the property.

Rayavadee is very conscious of the environment and invites guests to save water by re-using towels, and they are doing their best to manage waste and saving energy. The resort also has regular beach cleaning, marine repopulation and planting mangroves around the island.

Nature at Rayavadee
Nature at Rayavadee

Restaurants at Rayavadee

Rayavadee has 4 restaurants: Raya Dining, Krua Phranang, Raitalay Terrace, and the iconic Grotto restaurant. Raya Dining serves breakfast only, Raitalay Terrace and The Grotto serves both lunch and dinner while Krua Phranang only serves dinner. I've tried only 2 of the restaurants here, which is the Raya Dining and Grotto restaurant.

The breakfast at Raya Dining is both buffet and a la carte style. You can order a variety of dishes, featuring many cuisines around the world. Grotto restaurant is iconic for Rayavadee and it's very popular for its unique location. The restaurant is located inside of a cave with natural sand overlooking directly at Ko Rang Nok. Sunset dinner at Grotto is definitely a must-do here, as you will get the most romantic and unforgettable dining experience!

Grotto Restaurant Rayavadee
Grotto Restaurant

Overall Experience

I would totally return and stay at Rayavadee again in a heart beat. This place is perfect for anyone who is looking for a romantic and unforgettable getaway. Everything at Rayavadee is walking distance, and you'll get both of the busy nightlife right by the resort, or a complete tranquil and relaxing experience from your own villa or at the beaches around the resort.

Rayavadee website:

Lots of love,

Annie Pham



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