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The Alt Hotel St. John's Hotel Review

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The Alt Hotel St. John's

We had a chance to stay at Alt Hotel St. John's, Newfoundland a week ago and it's totally our favourite hotel in Newfoundland!


The Alt Hotel St. John's is located in the heart of downtown St. John's, which is walking distance to restaurants, shop and attractions. We spent a day exploring around downtown and so glad we stayed at the Alt Hotel because a lot of the roads in downtown St John's were blocked off and reserved for pedestrians only. We were so happy we didn't have to deal with all of the hassle of finding parking. The hotel also has their own underground parking which is really convenient if you have a car, however if you would like to only explore around the town area, you wouldn't need a car at all.

The room

We got to stay at 2 different types of rooms at Alt Hotel St. John's: Room with nature views and room with city views. We personally really liked the room with the nature views, but the room with the city views was very nice as well since you can see the famous Jelly Bean houses right from the hotel room.

All rooms are very modern and equipped with touch screen controlled lights, blinds, and temperature. Everything was sparkly clean and we felt very relaxed and comfortable during our stay at the hotel. Our room was equipped with everything that we needed for a comfortable stay, such as a coffee maker, TV, an iron as well as the ironing board. The one feature of the room that I personally really like is the "room status" control, which replaces the traditional room tag. You can set the status of your stay by the touch pad different options such as: "Do not disturb", or "Please clean the room".

The Alt Hotel St. John's

The Amenities & Facilities

The Alt Hotel provides plenty of amenities and all of their toiletries were packed in large size bottles so we didn't need to worry about stocking up or asking for extra. The hotel is also equipped with a gym that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case you want to stay active during your visit. They also have picnic tables right outside of the hotel and underground parking as mentioned earlier, which is super convenient as parking could be quite hectic in Downtown St. John's.

The Staff and Service

Even after a week of checking out, me and my friend Nicole still talk about how kind and caring the staff at Alt Hotel was. They went above and beyond to make sure that we have a pleasant stay. The staff even took a couple of hours to recommend us places to visit, where to eat and all of what the hotel has to offer so that we could make the most out of our stay.

Flexible Check Out Time

One of the things that really separate Alt Hotels from all of the other hotels is their flexible check out time. We wanted to request a later check out time and found out that the flexible check out privilege is already included for all of Alt Hotels' guests. You can check out however late you like as long as you let the hotel know in advance, and as long as the room is not booked the next day. I've heard people checked out at 9/10pm because their flight time isn't until midnight. This is something I have never even heard of and it's definitely one of the huge advantages when you stay at the Alt Hotels.

Dining at Terre Restaurant

Terre Restaurant is located inside of Alt Hotel and they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We had a chance to try their "let us cook for you", which includes most of their feature dishes and it was absolutely incredible. We couldn't finish the food as the portions were also quite large and we had approximately 10 different dishes. They also have Sunday afternoon tea from 1-5pm which we absolutely love! If you ever visit the Alt Hotel in St. John's this is definitely a must do! The restaurant seems to be quite busy for their afternoon tea as well so make sure you book a table ahead of time!

The Alt Hotel St. John's

Overall Experience

The Alt Hotel, in our opinion, is definitely one of the best hotels in St. John's, Newfoundland. From food, view, service, room, everything was spectacular and the price is so budget friendly as well. If you ever visit the island, I highly recommend you staying here!

Hotel website:

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