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The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston Hotel Review

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston

We had a chance to stay at the Post Oak Hotel last weekend and it was one of our most favourite hotels up to date! The Post Oak hotel is the only Texas Forbes Five-Star Hotel and Spa and Houston’s only AAA Five-Diamond destination. It is located in Houston’s Post Oak Uptown area, which is only a few steps away from The Galleria shopping mecca and a short drive to downtown Houston. Valet Parking and Private Helicopter for private arrival We arrived to the hotel and got greeted by the Valet team right at the entrance of the hotel. This, in my opinion, really upscaled the whole experience for us as James and I didn’t have to worry about parking every time we arrived or left the hotel. The whole check in process was seamless and they truly deserve to be the top luxury hotel in Texas. The Post Oak has a direct helicopter pad access which is great for private arrival. I find this is really fascinating as not many hotels have this option.

The room

Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston

We stayed at the Luxury King Suite and it was very spacious, there’s a separate seating area, a full closet, large bathroom with a separate bathtub and a TV, a double sink area and a large mirror. One thing that we loved the most were the large windows, which takes up the entire one side of our room. We loved the views from above Houston and got a grasp of how busy the city is, while still enjoying the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere from the room.

James and Annie

Initially I was concerned about the light when I go to bed since I’m such a sensitive sleeper, especially when it gets to light, but the blacked out curtains made the room completely dark and it was easy for me to fall asleep.

Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston

Our room was equipped with bed sensor light and different light options, such as "romantic", "entertainment", "relaxing", or "all on/off". I loved the sensor light at the bottom of the bed! Every time I woke up to go to the bathroom, the light sensed my foot step and turned on a soft ray of light, just enough for me to see where I was going while not hurting my eyes and not waking up James who was still sleeping.

The Amenities at Post Oak

Annie Pham

The Post Oak Hotel is one of the most thoughtful hotels we have ever visited. They really thought of everything and were very attentive to little details to make sure your stay is comfortable and memorable. We couldn’t think of anything that was missing or could have made our stay more comfortable. The hotel provides very sophisticated amenities, such as a large TV that pops out of a table, a mini fridge with different drinks and refreshment, a snack and wine bar, a coffee maker with different type of coffee and remote controlled drapes and sheers. I personally really liked the pool area at the Post Oak hotel, it has a modern yet vintage touch to it. The pool is very private and located in the middle of the hotel, which makes it more secluded and it is reserved for guests only. The pool isn’t busy during the day and it is open from 7am-6pm. There’s a bar located by the pool in case you want some drinks or refreshment, and there are private cabanas which are great for a day nap, or just to chill by the pool.

One thing to note, The Post Oak hotel is a private property and they care a lot about their guests’ privacy, hence there’s no professional photography allowed inside the hotel.


Annie Pham

There are 3 different restaurants located inside of the hotel: Bloom & Bee, Bouchée Patisserie, and Craft F&B. Bloom & Bee is really popular among guests for their breakfast and brunch, but they also serve food throughout the day. Bouchée Patisserie is a bakery + coffee shop which has amazing treats such as ice cream, French macarons, coffee and other sweets. The Craft F&B restaurant is open during lunch and dinner hours and it’s a pub-style restaurant with an industrial ambience. We personally really like having brunch at Bloom and Bee. They have a large variety of food and drinks, and everything tasted very fresh and delicious. My favourites are ‘The Loop’ and ‘Morning Wellness’ from their breakfast/brunch menu.

Shopping There are luxury cars showrooms (such as Rolls-Royce, Bugatti and Bentley) which are located inside the hotel. Though their showrooms were not large, it felt really customized, private and luxurious. They also have a clothing shop which is called 29 North Boutique, offering a variety of clothing and accessories from top luxury brands. We definitely couldn’t think of anything else that The Post Oak didn’t offer!

The Staff and Service The staff at the Post Oak was so welcoming and attentive. Whenever we walk around, the staff greeted us with such great energy and warm smiles. We felt really uplifted whenever we walk around the hotel. I still remember getting treats at night by the cleaning staff and she made sure that I had everything that I needed. She even left us some treats which we thought was really sweet of her. Whenever we came back to the room, it was all organized and cleaned without any requests.


The spa at the Post Oak is privately located on the 5th floor inside the hotel. The spa is by appointments only and they have a variety of treatments to choose from, such as individual or couple massage, facial, skin treatments and rituals.

Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston

I love the women vitality pool which is located inside the spa! It is small yet luxurious and very calming. The soft light was perfect to help you wind down and ease your mind to a relaxing state. Overall Experience Overall we truly believe that the Post Oak is one of the most thoughtful hotels out there and they really upscale the luxury experience to a whole new level by offering not only the best amenities, but also unparalleled service. We only stayed there for a short period of time but there was so much to see, and I personally that think you would need a week to explore and fully enjoy everything that the hotel has to offer. If you’re ever come to Houston, The Post Oak Hotel is definitely a must visit!

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