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Updated: Jan 4

The Bahamas was definitely on the top of my bucket list this year. I just love the white sand and the crystal clear water, and I was so pumped to see the swimming pigs. 

At first when I planned the trip to the Bahamas, I trotted down a lot of destinations. Some of them included: the Exuma, Long Island, Eleuthera and Harbor Island. I was hoping to visit as many islands as I possibly could. However, after finding out about the cost to go to each island, I totally gave up on the entire plan (oops). For example: to go from Nassau to see the swimming pigs in Exuma costs around 550$ per person. That’s as much as my total trip to Belize or Mexico!! Going to the other islands was also difficult as you would have to book the ferry tickets in advance, and because of the long travel time, it would be almost impossible to do a day trip to another island. If you plan to go on the other islands, I totally recommend to do lots of research and bookings in advance. 

If you haven’t heard, the Bahamas is expensive and it is really hard to keep all the expenses within budget just because everything is very overpriced. Below are all my tips to help your travel budget. 


I recommend to find an Airbnb right by downtown Nassau because you can pretty much walk to anywhere.  I paid 77$/night for my accommodation, which was the cheapest that I found in downtown Nassau. 


I first arrived to Nassau island and took a taxi to my Airbnb place which was right by the beach in downtown Nassau. The taxi driver charged me 30$ for 10 minutes ride!! I took the bus back to the airport and it was only 2.50$. Lesson from this trip is to never take taxi in the Bahamas! You can pretty much go anywhere by bus for as much as 2$!

Tips for transportations in Nassau: 

  • Don’t take taxi, just take the bus! The buses in the Bahamas are not complicated. It’s only one way back and forth, and if you are not sure which way to go, just ask locals or the bus driver. 

  • The cost is usually around 2$ per one way trip. 


All restaurants are expensive in the Bahamas except for Dunkin Donuts :D Usually I spent 30$ per meal to go to a restaurant in downtown Nassau though I barely ordered anything. Hence, I chose to do grocery shopping. This is the best way to save money in the Bahamas as you could be spending a lot of money on food everyday!! 

Places to visit:

I took the bus around the island and stopped anywhere I wanted to. If you see a nice beach with less crowd, you can just ask the bus driver to stop anywhere you want to. I took the bus to the west side and walked for 4-5 hours along the beach, where I found the most beautiful celebrity homes and private beaches. 

I recommend to go to the Paradise Island, where the water is crystal clear!! Local people usually call this island the “Atlantis Paradise”. I took the bus to the bridge before the Atlantis and crossed the bridge to get there. If you keep walking, you will find all the nice beaches.

Quick note is that the beach at the Atlantis is public, so feel free to explore around the island, as long as you don’t go inside the resort! 

The ticket to Blue Lagoon was 100$ (too expensive for me), so I rented a jet-ski for 70$ (an hour only) and went from Paradise island to the Blue Lagoon island, also another small island right by blue lagoon that I didn’t know of. Tips: Always negotiate the price!! The guy offered me 150$ for an hour of jet-ski rental and I only paid half of what he offered. 

Those are all the tips for my Bahamas trip. Feel free to comment and ask me on further details!! Hope you find this helpful.


Lots of love, 

Annie Pham

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