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Fushifaru Maldives - One Happy Island

Fushifaru is a boutique resort in the Maldives which is owned by a local Maldivian, consists of 64 villas. We loved every moment here as there was a constant happy and positive energy flowing around the island from both of the staff and the guests who stay at Fushifaru.


We got to experience both of the main types of accommodation at Fushifaru: The beach villa and the overwater villa.

The beach villas at Fushifaru give you direct access to the beach, while also giving you complete privacy as each of the villas are secluded and surrounded by greenery. I loved the outdoor bathroom at Fushifaru at it felt as if we were living in the jungle. You can occasionally hear the birds chirping as well, right from your bathroom.

We stayed at the premium overwater villa and it has a pool, an overwater net for you to relax and a very large bathroom with a bathtub. We love how cozy the villa is and the bed was very comfortable. During our stay we were always excited to spend time on the net and feel the breeze touching our skin and listen to the ocean waves. Truly a spectacular experience!


There are 3 restaurants available at Fushifaru: Korakali, which is a buffet style restaurant; Rakaani, an a la carte restaurant, and Teppanyaki which is a Japanese restaurant. They also have 2 bars: Fanihandi the main bar, which is located by the lobby, and Thundi which is a beach bar.

If you select the All Inclusive package, you can only dine in at the buffet restaurant. The breakfast starts from 7-9:30am, lunch is from 12-2pm and dinner is from 7-10pm. We really enjoyed the dinner buffet as it has a wide selection of food to choose from, and the grill BBQ station is a must try! The chef will grill your choice of meat and seafood right on the station and everything tasted super fresh.


There are many activities and experiences available at the resort, such as cooking classes, sunset cruise on the traditional boat, game night, Maldivian game, and we got to experience many activities here.

Traditional Maldivian game

Fushifaru is the only resort where you can really get to experience Maldivian culture. They even have a little traditional Maldivian house where you can learn about the culture and play some Maldivian games with the locals here. I got to dress up in their traditional outfit and that was such a fun experience!

Braiding classes

During our stay I got to learn how to make different things out of palm leaves, such as roses, fishes, and even a hat. The artist here was so skilled and he could make many things in minutes.

Floating breakfast

Floating breakfast is a very popular thing in the Maldives and we experienced so many floating breakfasts at many different resorts, but the one at Fushifaru was super special! The breakfast is placed on a traditional Maldivian boat (which also takes some balancing skills to place items on the boat). It was really fun having breakfast on this boat as you also have to plan out what to eat next to make sure the boat doesn't sink (I'm sure it wouldn't but it could be slanted to one side if you have too much food on certain part of the boat).

Sandbank picnic

Sandbank picnic was definitely one of the most exclusive activities at Fushifaru, as the resort has their own sandbank and you will get the whole sandbank to yourself when booking a picnic here. The picnic includes a private picnic set up with bean bags, an umbrella, a small table, lots of fresh fruits, juices and some light snacks. We really enjoyed the picnic here as it's so rare that you can get such a paradise to yourself. The wind also made it really comfortable for us to wander around the sandbank as well.

The sandbank is reserved for 2 hours and after that the staff will come and pick you up. They also give you a local cell phone in case you need to contact the front desk as there is no wifi available at the sandbank (which absolutely makes sense since it's out of nowhere).

Movie under the stars

This was absolutely our favourite experience as the entire movie setup was so beautiful and we got the entire beach view, as well as the whole experience to ourselves. You get to choose your favourite movie from a list of 100 trending movies. Popcorn and drinks are also included. We highly recommend to start this experience at around 6:00 pm when the sun comes down. We chose 6:30pm for our movie time and just missed the sunset by a couple of minutes.

Romantic beach dinner

We have experienced many romantic beach dinners in the Maldives but the one at Fushifaru was our favourite. Not only the setup was so beautiful, you also get your private chef and waiter right on your villa. The staff set up a whole BBQ station for the chef here and it was really cool . You also get complete privacy while dining as their BBQ station is quite far from the dining table.


Unfortunately we didn't get to experience the underwater playground and other water sports as I couldn't swim but they have many water activities available to all guests, such as diving, paddling, snorkeling and many more.


The staff at Fushifaru was incredibly kind. We were greeted with the warmest welcome, fresh coconut drinks, and we immediately felt like home here. Tami was our host and she was so attentive and kind. We missed lunch time and she still found her way to get us some food from the kitchen. We thought she was so sweet and always make sure we were well fed and having a good time. The staff were always so excited when they see us around the island and their positive energy is very infectious here.


We absolutely loved our stay at Fushifaru and we already plan our return visit in the future. The resort felt like home away from home; it felt super comfortable, cozy and we love the positive energy around the island. There are so many activities to keep you entertained here and we would recommend spending at least a week here to really enjoy the whole property and get to experience most of what the resort has to offer. Make sure you book early as well as their overwater villas are quite popular and fill up quickly.

Lots of love,




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