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Hotel Review: Domio at Downtown Miami

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

We had a brief stay in Domio, downtown Miami but we were truly impressed with everything there, from the property itself to the whole checking in and out process. 

Domio at Downtown Miami

The location

Domio is located in the heart of downtown Miami and everything is pretty much in walking distance. We walked to the Bayside market, and that took us only 10 minutes walk.  The view 

Our apartment is located on the 28th floor, hence we had a whole view of downtown Miami, and a little bit of the ocean side. It was very fascinating to be able to wake up to such an amazing view! This is probably the biggest highlight of our stay at Domio.  

Domio at Downtown Miami

The property 

Domio is located inside of a building called Caoba. The building looks brand new and very modern.  Our apartment was very spacious. It has a full equipped kitchen, a living room, a balcony, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We honestly didn’t need that much space but it felt very nice to have all the space to yourself. Domio is the ideal travel space for larger groups and considering how much space the is, I think the price is very reasonable. 

I loved how secure the property is. You have to put in the key card to open each door, including the elevator so I’m certain that strangers won’t be able to get in and out the building easily. 

The furnitures at Domio seem to be hand-picked and are very well chosen. Each of the furniture piece compliments the other and the whole apartment is very photogenic. Each corner is so Instagram worthy! 

Domio at Downtown Miami

The amenities at Domio

Domio is probably the most generous property when it gets to amenities. They provided us with plentiful of amenities which we don’t think we would be able to use them all. Each of the bathroom was filled with 16 mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. They also stocked a lot of bathroom and facial tissues in the drawer in case you need more. Not only that, there was a whole tea collection, placed nicely in a wooden box case, and a collection of coffee pods for the coffee machine as well. 

If you do stay at Domio in downtown Miami, don’t forget to check out their amazing pool on the 10th floor. The pool is well equipped with outdoor beds, chairs, shades and it’s also right next to the gym if you feel like exercising before jumping into the pool. My favourite part of the property is the game room, which is also on the 10th floor. In this room, you will find a big coffee machine which makes many different drinks rather than just coffee (it’s also complementary!). There are a lot of sitting areas and they’re very quite, and beautiful. You can also get yourself entertained with the big TV, or different game tables. 

Domio at Downtown Miami

The service

I didn’t get to see many staff there but I love how they kept everything very clean. The whole checking in and out process was super fast and easy, which was a huge plus.  Overall ratings 

Though Domio is not a hotel, it’s definitely not an Airbnb either. They are much more professional and well thought. I love the modern it is, yet has a touch of vintage feel to it through the furniture choice. It’s definitely a good value place to stay at for big groups! 

I wish we had more time there to enjoy it fully, but if you ever see a Domio property around, I’d highly recommend you to check it out! 

Lots of love, 

Annie Pham


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