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Surfjack Hotel and Swim Club Review

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Surfjack Hotel Hawaii

I’ve been to Oahu many times, but never actually stayed in Waikiki. This time, we decided to stay at the Surfjack Hotel and Swim Club, which is conveniently located right in the heart of Waikiki, and is only a few blocks from the beach. This is a huge advantage for us since we can walk anywhere, convenience stores, shopping malls or to the beach. The hotel also has a small parking lot where you can park your car there, if needed.

First Impression

Surfjack Hotel Hawaii

I personally thought that the Surfjack looks so much better and more spacious in person compared to the pictures I’ve seen on Instagram or their website. The hotel has very lively vibes and is very well decorated. Every single corner is Instagram-worthy and the hotel always looks and feels so bright.

Our Room

Surfjack Hotel Hawaii

We stayed at the One Bedroom Suite and the room was very spacious. We have our own balcony with table and chairs, a comfy sofa in our living room, 3 large closets beside a comfy bed and a very aesthetically pleasing bathroom. We wouldn’t normally say this, but we absolutely loved the shower since the water pressure is so high, and the floor was made out of black stones.

Food and Drinks at the Surfjack

Surfjack Hotel Hawaii

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to try the food at the Mahina and Sun, which is located inside the hotel, but we love the atmosphere of the restaurant as well as the bar. The restaurant seems to have a special deal everyday from what we have seen from the flyers and the price seems to be very reasonable as well.

Nightlife and Entertainment

The Surfjack definitely has one of the best nightlife and entertainment in Waikiki, or in Oahu in my opinion. We stayed here for a week and there’s an event almost every night, from outdoor movie, old school disco dancing night, live music and many more. We feel like we could have technically stayed in the hotel and have loads of fun every night.

The Amenities

The Surfjack offers very high quality products for their guests. My hair has been really dry and damaged from the heat, but their shampoo and conditioner really changed that around. They also offer free coffee, and a nice pool which you don’t see in many hotels in Waikiki.

Highlight of our stay

I wanted to make a highlight for the coffee shop, Olive and Oliver alone as I loved this place so much. Vincent, the coffee staff was extremely nice and kind, and he definitely makes the best coffee. Each coffee cup was made with so much love and carefully measured amount of fresh coffee and high quality ingredients. We were honestly so impressed by it and this is definitely one of the highlights of our stay here.

There’s also a really cute shop right next to Olive and Oliver and they have the cutest things you can find in Waikiki!

The staff

Surfjack Hotel Hawaii

We got the most warm welcome when we arrived at the Surfjack and the staff really made us feel at home. Everyone is so friendly here and they knew our names before we introduced ourselves. We got greeted with a warm smile, and the Aloha spirit whenever we walked around the property or even the parking lot. We honestly felt so welcomed!

Safety measurements

Surfjack Hotel Hawaii

We really appreciate the safety of the environment here at the Surfjack. All the staff wore masks at all times, as well as other guests. Masks are required in all of the public areas and they even ask for our negative covid test result when we arrived. We felt extremely safe and it was never a concern for us during our stay here.

Pet-friendly hotel

Surfjack Hotel Hawaii

One of the most unique thing about the Surfjack is that it is a pet friendly property and you can bring your pets here. We have seen so many cute dogs around and the staff even help you take care of your pets here. This property has a super friendly environment and you’ll definitely love seeing all of the little puppies running around the lobby area.

Overall Review

Surfjack Hotel Hawaii

After our one week stay at the Surfjack, it’s safe to say that the hotel has everything you’ll ever need to make your stay, and your trip comfortable, fun and memorable.


Annie Pham



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